Problem definition

There are occasions when we need some good motivation to keep us motivated, and going. There are others, when we need a good joke to entertain us. 

J-oke's raison d'être is to quickly deliver a one liner joke to either break the ice, liven up a conversation, or simple entertain ourselves at any needed moment.

Discovery and Ideation

Though a very simple idea, the question is how can a short joke be delivered to the user without much thought, in an instant?

The Apple Watch is a great means to deliver short bursts of information and notifications to your wrists.

In Apple's Watch Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), they suggest that interaction with the watch is to be no longer than 30 seconds per instance. Some of the reasons for that is arm fatigue, and battery life preservation.


Apple's HIG for the Watch is effectively a list of components that (with a few exceptions) once put together, they create an effective experience for the end user. This is what was followed for the design of "J-oke".

Effectively, the design for J-oke was done in Xcode, using storyboards.



Once the conception and the content was at hand, developing for the Apple Watch was an easy task. In one afternoon, J-oke was developed, QA-ed, and submitted to the App Store.  Thanks to its straightforward nature, it was approved within a day.

As with every Watch App, there needs to be an iPhone App counterpart. Even though J-oke was designed with app independence and offline mode in mind, a basic design for the iPhone counterpart needed to be made.

Since the iPhone part of the app doesn't serve a functional purpose, the design was simple, yet meaningful, as it gives instructions on how to launch the app on the watch.

J-oke Copy.png